What are Tarot Cards?

Tarot cards hold a mysterious power and when their true power is on display, the significance cannot be ignored. Reading tarot cards with the right energy and intention reveals to the seeker the answers they are looking for, and it's borderline magical how the energy of the cards can vibrate with the seekers true self to discern powerful and clear guidance. Actionable advice and a clear, possibly new perspective on a problem or question await.

What is essentially a deck of cards, Tarot cards are a centuries old method of divining the future and unlocking the secrets held in our subconscious, each card with it's own illustration and meaning. A predetermined number of tarot cards are selected by the person who is seeking knowledge or insight ( the "seeker,") The cards are laid out in a spread and they create a kind of a story that describes your situation and may uncover some hidden insight into how you might handle things that you otherwise might not have considered.

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