The World

The World Description

The World card depicts a dancing figure at the center. She is holding a wand in both hands. A wreath of flowers surrounds the dancing figure. There are four figures on each corner of the card representing the four corners of the universe, the four elements, and the four evangelicals. This card represents unity and harmony.

What does it mean when The World is pulled?

The World card illustrates wholeness and unity. It represents achievement and fulfillment. Perhaps you have completed a major milestone in your life and you are ready to embrace the next. Celebrate your successes and enjoy how far you have come. Remember to express gratitude for the good things in your life, to thank the people who have helped you on your way. This card may also represent a need for a more worldly awareness. You may wish to travel, to make connections abroad or gain an awareness about different people or cultures. Know that we are all connected, no matter how different we may seem.

What does it mean when The World is pulled reversed?

When reversed, this card indicates that you may need to connect more with others. Maybe you are feeling disconnected to your life or uninspired. Are you feeling empty or unfulfilled? This card may also suggest that there may be a situation that is coming to an end or one that you are seeking closure on. Now is the time to move on. You may wish to achieve a big goal but are not taking the necessary steps to achieve it. Do not lose focus. Perhaps a more creative approach is required to achieve what you set out to achieve. Keep your eye on the finish line.

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