The Tower

The Tower Description

A tower is nestled on top of the mountain in this card. The tower is a solid structure but built on unstable foundations. A lightning bolt is seen striking the tower setting it on fire. People are jumping out of the windows in desperation. The Tower card illustrates ambitions and goals made on false premises.

What does it mean when The Tower is pulled?

When the Tower card appears, you may be presented with an unexpected situation. There may be chaos or destruction involved but with it will come groundbreaking change. This card suggests a need to replace old foundations and beliefs to make way for new ones. This is a chance to look at the damage control in your life, with finances, career and relationships. Whatever cracks are forming in your life, this is your opportunity to fix them before they fall apart.

What does it mean when The Tower is pulled reversed?

The Tower card reversed is an indication that you are going through a time of tremendous change within. You are transforming yourself, questioning your belief systems and instigating much needed changes into your life. This a time to put plans in place, relying on your own abilities to see you through.

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