The Sun

The Sun Description

The Sun card represents the dawn that follows even the darkest of nights. It is a card of optimism and joy. A sun shines brightly in the sky, casting its rays outwards. A child is playing in the foreground symbolizing innocence and inhibition. The child is riding a white horse, indicating strength, nobility and purity.

What does it mean when The Sun is pulled?

When the Sun card appears it represents success and abundance. You are inspiring others because of the warm energy you are radiating. The sun is shining on you right now, and you are feeling confident. You are well on your way to achieving your goals. You may feel energised and enthusiastic about your future. Now is the time to express yourself authentically and without fear. Enjoy being you.

What does it mean when The Sun is pulled reversed?

When reversed, the Sun card indicates that you may be experiencing difficulties finding positives in your life at the moment. You may be feeling that there are clouds blocking the sun rays from reaching you. Are you feeling low in confidence or lacking enthusiasm? You need to find your inner child again, play and be silly. This card encourages you to forget about your worries and concerns, have fun. The card can also suggest that you are being unrealistic with situations, perhaps you are being overly optimistic.It could be time to reassess a situation and look at whether you are being realistic or overly confident.

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