The Lovers

The Lovers Description

The Lovers card depicts a man and a woman being protected and blessed by an angel above. They are naked suggesting intimacy but also vulnerability. The Lovers have a strong bond, of unity and balance. They are surrounded by nature, with a natural abundance.

What does it mean when The Lovers is pulled?

The Lovers card suggests harmony and attractiveness in a relationship, as well as passion. This could be a marriage or intimate relationship but can indicate another type of partnership. This card comes up when we are contemplating a new romance, or when we're obsessed with another person. The card can also represent a decision that needs to be made, with two opposing choices or the bringing together of opposing ideas.

What does it mean when The Lovers is pulled reversed?

When reversed, this card depicts disharmony in your life. There may be something putting pressure on your relationship. Another interpretation could be a breakdown of communication, or a lack of unity. This card can indicate making a decision based on obsession or passion without considering the consequences. Are you avoiding taking responsibility for your actions?

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