The High Priestess

The High Priestess Description

The Priestess sits firmly and confidently, clutching a scroll with both hands. The Moon is a symbol of illumination and intuition, illuminating a path through the dark. The scene is balanced by the two columns standing guard at either side of her one labeled _B_ and the other _J_. The Priestess represents strong, feminine energy emphasizing balance and duality. From masculinity and femininity, good and evil, light and dark - there is an instinctive understanding that neither can exist without the other.

What does it mean when The High Priestess is pulled?

The Priestess card represents tapping into unseen powers and resources. Her strong presence is a reminder of having confidence that comes with knowledge. The moon illuminates and enlightens, providing clarity on a situation. The Priestess is also guarded, keeping her knowledge close to her. The Priestess represents the need for quiet contemplation and study in order to unlock the answers that you are looking for. The initials B and J stand for Boaz and Jachin, the names on pillars in the Temple of Solomon in the Old Testament. Boaz is affiliated with Water and Earth elements. While Jachin represents Fire and Air elements. The black and white coloring of the pillars represents the duality in which our daily lives are surrounded - male and female, darkness and light, and the Earthly and spiritual dimensions - all which the High Priestess occupies. Symbolizing her spiritual knowledge, the High Priestess cradles the Torah, a scripture central to the study of Kabbala. The veil represents other worldliness, a realm beyond the physical. The pomegranates adorning the veil represent female fertility. Pomegranates can also symbolize the importance of the sacred Jewish text, as pomegranates are said to have 613 seeds, mirrored in the Torah's 613 commandments. The dates depicted in the veil are another representation of duality, serving as the masculine compliment to the feminine pomegranate. The crescent moon at the High Priestesses feet is a symbol of the inner life each of us experience, unseen by others. It represents the subconsciousness and emotions that exist below the external persona we present to the world. The moon exists in balance with the solar light which illuminates the identity we've crafted, casting shadow on our inner spirituality. The blue and white robe is another symbol of duality. White represents purity, a remnant of the virginal nun. Blue represents truth. The Priestess card implores you to make time to develop your spirituality. You need awareness of self before you can be successful in nurturing relationships with others The Priestess symbolizes the secret wisdom of the spiritual realm. The High Priestess brings the gifts of hidden knowledge, intuition, psychic experience, and meaningful dreams. The High Priestess reminds you to turn your thoughts inward and trust your inner knowledge. In your day to day life, maintain confidentiality, be your own counsel. Spiritually, the High Priestess forecasts a mentor, connect with your guides and trust your intuition. At home, maintain a quiet space, it may be normal to have calm if distant relationships with your family members right now. Currently, each person may be bound to their own intentions. In your relationships, you may spend some time unaccompanied, use this time wisely to tend to your inner spiritual garden. If you are in a relationship, you or your partner may be shielding parts of your lives from the other, maintaining a boundary of secrecy between you. In your professional and financial life, remember that success is in store for you, remember to be patient and nurture projects.

What does it mean when The High Priestess is pulled reversed?

When reversed, this card can mean that you are struggling to tap into your intuition. You may be ignoring a gut feeling or may be feeling a lot of confusion. You may need to get clarity on a situation before going further with it. You may be struggling to see a clear way forward. It is time to ask yourself and others questions in order to gain the knowledge you need. Do not be afraid to question things in order to gain a higher understanding. When the High Priestess is reversed, you should question if your mentor is appropriate, or if you are following a valuable path. The High Priestess may be indicating that it is time for secrets to be revealed, secrets held in poor faith can become harmful.

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