The Fool

The Fool Description

The Fool embarks on an adventure, wide-eyed to the world and full of carefree innocence. The personification of absolute potential, The Fool steps off a cliff, about to lurch headlong into whatever awaits below. Whether disaster lies ahead or great rewards await, The Fool departs on a grand adventure, ready for new experiences and to begin their journey.

What does it mean when The Fool is pulled?

The Fool represents not only the beginning of a new adventure or a new chapter but also the need to take a leap of faith. The dog at the Fool's side suggests faithfulness, the need to have faith in our journey. The dog can suggest that your journey will be accompanied by a companion, but more often can mean a spirit guide. We are reminded that we are never truly alone. The dog is also a symbol of protection. The Fool card reminds us that it's never too late to follow your dreams on a journey or adventure, whether you can see what lies ahead or you or not.

What does it mean when The Fool is pulled reversed?

The reversed Fool suggests the big change you are considering may not have the outcome you are expecting. Ensure you've taken time to turn over all the details. Take a deep breath and ask yourself if it's still the right decision for you. You may feel reluctant to take that leap of faith. Make sure you consider all your options. On the other hand, this card reversed can indicate that you are acting recklessly and are jumping into situations without fully considering the consequences. It is possible to live in the moment without putting yourself and others at risk.

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