The Empress

The Empress Description

The Empress depicts a woman sat on a throne surrounded by abundant nature. She symbolizes an Earth mother or Mother Nature figure linked to fertility, nurturing and abundance. She is often depicted as pregnant, embodying feminity but also motherhood. There is a sensuality about The Empress, linked to love and beauty.

What does it mean when The Empress is pulled?

This card encourages you to nurture yourself and others around you. The strong feminime energy focuses on birthing new ideas and plans. If there is a project or a relationship you are working on, this card offers reassurance that with care and nurturing it will flourish. The card encourages us to look for beauty in our lives, inviting good things in. This may mean the physical things in your life or indeed positive thoughts, joy and happiness. This could also be a signal that you need to focus on bringing in more abundance into your life.

What does it mean when The Empress is pulled reversed?

The Empress reversed indicates that you may be neglecting your own needs. Perhaps you are not giving yourself the care and attention you need right now. The card can mean that you are feeling reliant on others, that you need people to take care of you. The Empress can suggest that you are feeling stunted and unable to flourish. Perhaps you need to work at building up your confidence and strength.

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