The Emperor

The Emperor Description

A stoic ruler figure, the Emperor, can be seen sat on a throne. In one hand he is holding a scepter representing his reign, and in the other hand is an orb, a symbol of the kingdom he rules over. Behind the throne, the barren mountains are rigid and strong relating to the grit and strength with which the Emperor rules.

What does it mean when The Emperor is pulled?

The Emperor card represents authority, strength and control. As a strong masculine figure, he represents structure, creating rules and systems, and imparting knowledge. This card encourages the building of systems and strategic thinking. This card encourages you to use a disciplined approach to a situation. It may be a good time to set yourself a goal and to set about breaking down the task methodically to ensure that you achieve what you set out to do. You may be required to bring a clear, systematic approach to enable clarity on the situation.

What does it mean when The Emperor is pulled reversed?

When reversed, this card represents abused authoritative power. A masculine figure near to you could be trying to take control of you, making you feel powerless. Perhaps you are are struggling to handle a situation. The card signals a need for you to look at your own connections and relationships. Are you dominating others or abusing your power?

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