The Devil

The Devil Description

The Devil is represented in his most well-known satyr form, half-goat and half-man. He has bat wings and on his forehead is an inverted pentagram. He is standing on a podium and chained to the podium are a nude man and woman. The man and woman are also horned, suggesting that the longer they are in the Devil's presence the more they become like him. The man and woman look unhappy, their power taken away from them leaving them exposed and ashamed.

What does it mean when The Devil is pulled?

The Devil card suggests you may be feeling trapped or enslaved by something or someone. You may be feeling powerless to change your circumstances. Are you feeling unable to control urges or impulses? Maybe you are not feeling in control of a situation. This card represents your darker side, or shadow self, the negative things holding you back, such as insecurities. Look at the negative influences in your life, shine a light on them so that you can free your self of them. Know that you have the strength and willpower to overcome anything.

What does it mean when The Devil is pulled reversed?

When reversed, this card indicates that you are breaking free of chains and poor habits. You are letting go of things that no longer serve you. Face your fears and anxieties head on, eliminating harmful influences and associations. This may not be an easy journey but will lead to a more joyful existence. Take this card as an opportunity to bring positive change into your life.

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