The Chariot

The Chariot Description

The Chariot card depicts a figure sitting inside a chariot that is being driven by two black and white sphinxes. On his shoulders, he carries the sign of the crescent moon representing intuition and illumination. The figure must tame the sphinxes in order for them to take him to his destination.

What does it mean when The Chariot is pulled?

The Chariot card illustrates control over your surroundings, and overcoming challenges. You must use your strength and confidence in order to succeed and achieve your goals. There is a need to remain focused and stay determined. This may relate to a plan or project that you must stay focused on but it may also relate to your mindset. Are you feeling focused and motivated in your daily life? You may need an ordered or methodical approach to reach your goals.

What does it mean when The Chariot is pulled reversed?

The Chariot card reversed can suggest that you are lacking in willpower or conviction about a situation. This card is a reminder that you can succeed as long as you have courage to keep on going. This card can also indicate a lack of control in your life. Perhaps you do not see a clear direction forward. There may be a need to tie up loose ends in order proceed.

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