Temperance Description

The Temperance card shows an angel with wings, being both male and female. The angel balances with one foot on the rocks, illustrating the need to stay grounded, and one foot in the water, showing the need to be in flow. She holds a cup in each hand, pouring water between them. In the background, is a path leading up to a mountain symbolizing a journey to a higher understanding. The card represents finding balance and harmony in life.

What does it mean when Temperance is pulled?

The Temperance card is presented when you are experiencing stress or anxiety in your life as a reminder to remain calm. The card suggests the need for moderation and patience, avoiding extreme situations. You are reassured that you are embarking on a journey of higher learning. Perhaps where you have previously struggled to come to terms with something, you are now finding peace. This card encourages you to find a balance in your life, one with purpose and meaning.

What does it mean when Temperance is pulled reversed?

When reversed, this card suggests that you are lacking balance in your life. The card may be a warning that you are taking a certain path that could lead to turbulence. Perhaps you are living in excess, spending excessingly or over-indulging. There may be a need to heal yourself. You may feel that life is not flowing at the moment, perhaps you are feeling stuck. There is a need to evaluate your life and purpose. Focus on what your long-term vision, what does it look like and how will you get there.

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