Strength Description

The Strength card shows a woman calmly holding the jaws of a lion. Even though the lion looks fierce, the lady calmly has control over the fierce animal. She represents being in control even when experiencing challenges or difficulties. The woman does not achieve control over the lion with force, but with compassion. The lion represents courage and survival.

What does it mean when Strength is pulled?

To draw this card means that you have courage even in times of trouble and distress. There may be a need for a calm approach to resolve a situation. You may need to face someone without fear, drawing on your inner courage. This card can be a reminder to exercise patience in order for a situation to play out.

What does it mean when Strength is pulled reversed?

The Strength card reversed can indicate a feeling of weakness or fear. Are you feeling a lack of confidence about a situation? You must regain your inner strength and face a situation head-on. Consider what aspects of your life require the most strength from you right now. This card could also suggest dissatisfaction in an aspect of your life or a need for more.

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