Justice Description

The Justice card represents the symbol of truth, fairness, and law. The woman sits in her chair holding scales in her left hand symbolizing balance and logic. In her other hand, she holds a double-edged sword suggesting impartiality. She stands between two pillars representing structure and balance. A white shoe pokes out from underneath her cloak, with spiritual connotations. This is a reminder of the spiritual consequences of our actions, as well as those associated with the law.

What does it mean when Justice is pulled?

This card is a reminder that the decisions we make now have long-term consequences for ourselves as well as others. There may be a time when a decision you have made will be judged, but this card suggests that we will be judged fairly. If you feel you have been wronged by someone, this card may come as a relief that those who have wronged you will be judged for their actions. However, if you feel you have wronged another, then this card is encouraging you to account for your actions. The Justice card also reminds us that the truth will always prevail. This card implores you to seek out the truth in a situation.

What does it mean when Justice is pulled reversed?

When reversed, this card suggests you may not be living truthfully. Perhaps you have done something that isn’t morally right. There may be situation where you are not willing to own up to your actions. This card can also represent your own inner critic, judging yourself harshly. If this is the case, this card reminds you to be gentle with yourself. You may need to find a balance in the way you view yourself and others.

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