Death Description

The Death card shows the Messenger of Death riding a white horse. The skeleton represents the part of the body which survives long after life has left it; the armor symbolizing invincibility and that death will come no matter what. Its dark color suggests mourning or mystery, while the horse's color is one of purity and strength. In the background, a boat floats down the river, similar to the mythological boats escorting the dead to the afterlife. The Death card suggests not just endings but beginnings and of inevitable change.

What does it mean when Death is pulled?

The Death card represents a chapter coming to an end and a new one beginning. There is a reminder to focus on what is to come, and not to live in the past. This could mean that you are letting go of old ways that do not serve you any more and are letting in new ways. You must look to new opportunities and possibilities. You may feel like you are being brought into an unwanted change, out of your control, but this card indicates that that the transformation will be positive. Do not fight the changes happening in your life, embrace them.

What does it mean when Death is pulled reversed?

When reversed, this card indicates that you are resisting change and holding onto the past. Take time to assess how you feel about change, do you embrace it or fear it? If you are stalling making a change, this card reminds us that time is always moving and changing. You may be going through a transformation, letting go of limiting beliefs and fear. This card encourages you not to fear what is to come, whatever the outcome may be.

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